The Ljouwerter Skotsploech, a folklore dancing group from the Frisian capital, was founded in 1948 with the purpose to uphold some aspects of the Frisian folklore and transferring the values from the past to the people of today, by dance, music, song and scene.The clothes which are worn, date from the period of 1850 to 1860.

The men wear a very distinguished costume, which consists of a pear of black knickerbockers with blue cable-stockings, a black coat and top hat with a silk suit, ornamented with silver buttons, clasps, a chain with signets and a silver or gold watch, which had so called "signetts".The women wear a rich and blooming costume with the characteristics of the krinoline fashion, namely an upper part with a wide skirt and petticoats. On the upper part the women wear a cloth made of lace, on the skirt an apron also made of lace, both decorated with embroidery. 

On the upper part on the right they have the "chatelaine" or "sydsulver", which consists of a pair of silver scissors, a silver needle-case and a pin-cussion, while the left is the place for the 'silver locked bag'. But the most characteristic about the womens costume is the head wear with the gold necklaces, bracelets and the broad silver or gold casque (a goldcap covers the entire head).


The women wear various silver or gold ornaments, like a necklace. They also wear black shoes with silver clasps. The aim of the Ljouwerter Skotsploech is to show these costumes to the public in the most responsible way.

The dancing programme consists of a large number of old Frisian dances, like polka's, mazurka's, walzes and of course the famous Skotse Trije. The group also brings a singing programme of old Frisian songs and the vocal concert "Fryske Trou". In this folkloristic vocal concert, the group depicts old Frisian crafts and sports, wearing the original clothing of that era. The complete programme is accompanied by a violinist and three accordionists.

Because of the beautifull costumes and the folkloristic responsible dances, song and music, the Ljouwerter Skotsploech is often asked to perform both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The group perfomed in a lot of country in  Europe the rest of the World, with special highlights performing in Bari (Italy) in 1950, in Israël in 1978, Sibiu (Roemenia) in 1990, Tailand in 1991, South-Africa in 1997, Taiwan in 2000 and Mexico in 2002. The members of the group are honoured having the opportunity to represent Friesland anywhere and propogate a piece of Frisian foklore.