The Ljouwerter Skotsploech, a folklore dancing group from the Frisian capital, was founded in 1948. With the purpose to uphold some aspects of the Frisian folklore and transferring the values from the past tot the people of today, by danse, music, song and scene. The clothes wich are worn, date from the period 1820, 1860 and 1953.


The lady’s wear a 2 pieces dress, from the biedermeier period wich is showen in the high waist and the big sleeves. The fabrics are with little flowers and bright colours.  A white lace collar, named ‘tipdoek’ and a  apron from silk or cottan completes the dress.

On their head a little copper, silver or gold ear iron, with a long lace cap over it.  They have  a  purse with a silver closure, carry "sydsilver", this is  an ornament with a scissor, needle holder and a pincushion.

The man wear a black velvet knee pants and long stockings (over the knee), a long white shirt, embroidered on the sleeves and neck. His jacket is made of Damast.

Silver buttons and a tall hat, black shoes with a silver buckle and a ’signetten’ chain holding his watch, key for the watch, stamp for the letter wax and a stamp for tobacco.


The ladies are wearing a 2 pieces dress, with the waist in the normal place. They have 2 ore 3 underskirts because they need big hips. On their head a greater ear iron (now mostley  gold) and a shorter and more stiffin lace cap.  Also a purse with a silver closure  and  ‘sydsilver’.



The man wear a velvet knee pants and blue stockings now. They are more expensive, the fabric needs to dyed,  showen you have lots of money. A white shirt with a silk waistcoat and a black coat (frak) , completed with a tall hat and a signet chain.



After W.W. II. some people want to have a new costume. No more rich and poor  but everyone the same. There was a contest to make it. What our dancers are wearing is the winning costume.

No ear iron anymore but a little hat (embroided). Still a 2 peaces dress, a bit like the new look from Dior. Also still a ‘tipdoek’ and an apron (embroided). Silk stockings with seam and black shoes. Also an little bag embroided or knit with tiny beads. And a ‘sydsilver’.


The man wear a grey plus fourre ( long knee short) ,a embroided waistcoat, white shirt and a grey coat without a collar. Some of them have also a little hunter's hat. The have also ‘signetten’just like the others costums

This costume never became  so famous as the other ones. The preferred was to choose the own stile of clothes in the  fifties. Only choirs and dancing groups wear it.


Because of the beautiful costumes and folkloristic dances,songs and music, the Ljouwerter Skotsploech is often ask to perform both in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.                       
Highligts are Bari (Italy) 1950, Israël 1978, Sibiu (Roemenia)1990, Thailand 1991, South Africa 1997 and more.

On this moment there are 22 dance members actief, including 2 musicians.

The members of the group are honoured having the opportunity to represent Fryslân anywhere and propogate a piece of Frisian folklore.